Travel Listography Book.

This book combines two of my favourite things; traveling and lists! The Travel Listography book is basically a journal-style book full of prompted lists. I bought it not only to inspire my trip planning for the year, but also to keep me entertained while on long train journeys. 

The book is really lovely and it has made me consider how amazing the world is. THERE IS SO MUCH OF IT!! 

The book has so many lists to fill out some of my favourites include: 

- Animals seen in the wild
- Places I have little interest in visiting
- Festivals Parades and Carnivals 
- Songs that inspire my spirit of adventure
-Things I do while travelling but not at home.

I have only just got the book so I haven't had a chance to fill much out yet, but I am sure that as I do I will descover more and more places that I want to visit, that I haven't even considered yet.  


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