REVIEW - The Perky Peacock

Sat inside one of the medieval stone towers on the bridge over river of York, is a quirky independent coffee cafe called the perky peacock with seating outside by the river.

There is one perk to living in York apart from the shops, is that their is some beautiful cafes and great coffee. Today the weather was wonderfully warm and I went to visit The Perky Peacock. Sitting on he blue chairs outside you can see the river and the boats, also it has been known that there is sometimes actual peacocks!

The Perky Peacock provides for everyone, although I will eat or drink anything that is put in front of me, I thought that this cafe is a perfect and rare find for anyone that is Vegan or gluten free, because it would be a perfect place for you too.
Sitting outside (because who wants to sit inside on a hot day) I ordered a Iced Tea, Latte and a Apricot crumble slice. The result is that, well there was nothing to complain about.

The food and drink was not what I was expecting in the slightest, when ordering an iced tea i did not have a clue what flavour it would be or if in fact it would be actual tea poured over ice. When it came it was bright red and the tea bag was still in the cup, which is perfect because it kept the flavours going especially when it was accompanied with ice.
Although the coffee and the view was great, the apricot crumble slice was the best part about the visit. I could of eaten ten of them in one sitting! it was like eating a better version of a flapjack. So what I am saying is that if you visit or live in York then visiting the perky peacock is a must do, because it will not disappoint.


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