REVIEW - Lush Bath Bombs

For many years, I have always been impressed and in love with Lush products. Their principles, scents and product design is just outstanding on all accounts. 

I recently went into their store in York and I was given excellent customer service, with the result of buying two of their bath bombs that I have not tried before.

Recently their store is providing a vibrant outlook to beauty and bath products and I couldn’t resist having a peak in. There store is a love or hate thing when it comes down to the pungent smells, but personally I love it, I feel like i’m leaving the store smelling like their products, and who wouldn’t love that. As much as I love many of their products I wanted to try something that I could use when I finish work and relax with, which means bath bombs was the perfect answer to this request.

The two bath bombs I chose where Honey bee (because the name is so lovely) and The comforter, which says it all in the name. Out of the large collection of choices i went for two that would be nice and relaxing after a day at work.

The honey Bee is a mixture of the obvious honey, orange oil, organic aloe vera and many more ingredients which means this bath bomb is wonderful for a refreshing and relaxing bath with the added extra of moisturising. As much as I love this bath bomb, it doesn’t have such of a strong smell to it as I had hope, but this would not stop me from getting it once again.

The comforter, is incredible vibrant, under the beautiful pink and white colours there is a fruity fragrant blanket. My favourite thing about this product is that it lasts a long time, for the price of £4 you get about 4 to 6 uses which is always a plus side! One thing for the girly girls, this bar turns your whole bath totally and bright pink!


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