REVIEW - Hoxton Mini Press

Hoxton Mini Press are a London based publishing company, created in 2013. The company is independent and base their work purely around the idea of having books about East London, Hackney in particular.

Selling these books at a wonderful price, Hoxton Mini Press work with some of the best photographers and illustrators to create the most outstanding books. The Hoxton books are truly delightful, if you are not aware of them you should be. Passion about Hackney and the life of the area Hoxton Mini Press work on publishing beautiful books on photographers insights and views on this particular part of London.
Although Hoxton Mini Press do work on a lot of books, today I am wanting to focus on one of their collections. I personally own four out of six of this collection and I am sitting on the edge of my seat until I get the last two.

Each book is by a different photographer. Book on  (I've lived in East London for 67 and a half years) is by the founder of Hoxton Mini Press, Martin Usbourne this book is truly one of the best purchases I could of ever made.If you haven't had a glance at this book, let me give you an insight. This is a story of an elderly man, funny and charming, who sadly died just after the book was made. But the story doesn't dwell on this but shows the hilarious side of the man. The photographs are complimented with antidotes where some pleasant and some sad. (I can definitely tell you that I laughed and cried multiple times through out this book).

I tell you about this book and advise you to look at the rest of the collection, because as a photographer that adores taking portraits, this is an inspiration. I have always admired a photography book that tells a story and this one definitely does that by capturing the soul and life of someone that lives in Hackney.

The other books are just as great A Portrait of Hackney shows the fashion and surroundings of East London, while Shoreditch Wildlife captures the darker meaning, the night life, pubs and much more. I do recommend you have a peak at their website because I can tell you they will not disappoint.


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