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With the weather getting warmer, I am having to drink a lot more to keep myself hydrated! Apparently 1 in 8 of us in the UK don’t drink nearly enough water, and I’m definitely one of those people. I find the water where I live to have a strong chlorine taste, which I hate.

Luckily I came across Elderbrook cordials, created to make drinking water more interesting without using artificially sweetened squashes, Elderbrook cordials contain a range of superfoods including coconut nectar to make the delicate flavours. 

Currently there are three different flavours available – Lime, Mint & Baobab, and my personal favourite Raspberry, Cranberry & Blueberry. Each had a wonderfully refreshing and natural taste.

The Founders of Elderbrook,David and Craig have taken inspiration from the apothecaries of Renaissance Italy,‘The apothecaries’, David explains, ‘blended herbs and spices with water to create the first cordials. They were almost seen as a medicine’.

Elderbrook plans to launch in a few weeks and will work through subscriptions. Once you have subscribed, you will be sent a bottle every two weeks for £4.79 in the post​. 

Elderbrook's cordial is more expensive than the squash that I regularly buy, however I received a premium product that was beautiful not only to taste but to look at too-(I am thinking of what I can use the bottles for after I have finished the cordial.) 

Each bottle will make approximately ten drinks, depending on how strong you like it​ and due to the natural products, they recommend that you consume it within 14 days – at which point, your next bottle will arrive through your letterbox​. You will be able to switch between flavours and cancel at any time if you’re not satisfied.
Elderbrook is going to launch officially in the summer and they are currently crowdfunding and are lots of benefits for people who pledge. If you would like to get involved or find out more, click HERE.


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