Confessions of a Hoarder!

I have come to realise that I am a hoarder! I keep everything.  It struck me while packing that I have far to much "stuff"- things I don't really need, have never used or will never use again. 

I have often asked myself why I find it so hard to get orgnised and to keep my room tidy. It recently dawned upon me that I quite simply have to many things. I save things with no real idea of how I intend to use them in the future.

To many (non hoarding types) the solution to this problem seems simple. GET RID OF IT! I have often been told "If you haven't used/worn something for 6 months get rid of it", but this is something I really struggle with. What if I need it some time? 

I find it easy with other people's things, but when I have clear out sessions where I go through my own wardrobe/possessions, I put something in the bag to donate to the charity shop, and within 10 minutes I have dissuaded myself from getting rid of it.

This behaviour often makes me feel like I have "a lot of nothing". I need to make room for new things in my life.

After contemplation, I have realised that the reason I find it so hard to get rid of a lot of things, is because I am so sentimental. I am emotionally attached to them. 
With clothes it is the memories that I have while wearing particular things. I have not really grown much and still fit into many clothes that I have had since I was a teenager. Because they are still in good condition and still fit I find it hard to get rid of them. 

With objects, I think it is about being prepared in any situation. I will keep a small length of ribbon just in case I need to tie something at some point. It's not about saving money but being equipped for any eventuality. 

Over the summer I plan to break some of the emotional ties that I have with my belongings-especially clothes. I wan't to sell things to make money to make more memories and donate other things so that others may benefit from them. 

Just because I no longer have the jumper I was wearing when I passed my driving test, I still passed it and I will hold on to the memory of the happiness I felt that day forever. 

Questions I need to consider...

-Is it something I use on a regular basis?
- If not is it something I love? 
- Am I keeping it "just in case"?
- Do I have multiples?
-Is it worth the time it takes to fix it?
- Is it worth the space it is taking up?
-Could the space be better used?


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