REVIEW: Bodyshop Apple range

Softly-sweet Glazed Apple

At christmas I received a BIG metal silver apple that split in half, once opened, inside was a mixture of Bodyshop products made from a new Apple range. Just opening the metal apple you could smell the apple coming from the bottles.

In this range came a Hand cream, lip balm, body butter, incense oil and so much more. The fragrance of the range is something I can only describe as fresh and Crisp, a perfect perk to brighten up your day.

Although a christmas range, I am expecting it to come around again this year, and I am surprised my own personal collection has not run out just yet. Body shop butters have always been that perfect product for everyone, plus you can never find one you don’t like the smell off. But this glazed apple one is a whole new story. This actually goes for all body shop products.

The biggest part of this range for me is you can never go wrong with a bit of good branding, the BIG apple was a starter, great storage and presentation but once you opened it a theme ran throughout each tub and bottle, green, silver with an add touch of a small red bow.

Although this product was out at christmas last year, I feel the need for you to still check this range out, because you never know if it might come back around this christmas, and you do not want to miss that!


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