After exploring all of the new offerings in Spinningfields- Manchester, we decided to have lunch at IBERICA to celebrate my boyfriends birthday. We both really like tapas and thought it would be nice to try somewhere new. 

We hadn't booked a table, but the friendly staff managed to squeeze us in. Our waitress was really lovely and explained each part of the food and drink menu as it was our first visit(the fact she was Spanish added an authentic touch!).

The interior was very stylish and there was a really nice ambiance created- perfect for a lunch time! 

While we decided which of the wide assortment of dishes to choose from, I thought it only polite to indulge in a glass of white wine sangria. IT WAS AMAZING, so good in fact that I asked the waitress for the recipe! It had a beautiful light summery flavour which perfectly accompanied the meal!  

After quite a bit of deliberation we made our selection of tapas dishes including: 

*Toasted bread with tomato 
*Asparagus, manchego, onion confit & truffle e oil toast 
*Potatoes with spicy brava or alioli sauce £5 
*Traditional Spanish omelette
*Fried chorizo lollipops with pear alioli sauce
*Chicken with chilindrĂ³n sauce £6 & rosemary potatoes

The speed at which the food arrived was a little strange as each dish came out when it was ready, but we didn't really mind this as it gave us a little break between the dishes! 

What we ordered was a perfect amount for the both of us! It would have been so easy to order way more than we needed but the beauty of tapas is that you can always add more if you need!

There was a slight mix up with our order but it was sorted quickly. For some of the dishes I think the prices were a little high and I felt that the 12.5% service charge was a little steep as there was only two of us. 
Overall we had a lovely lunch and it set us up for the rest of our day in Manchester. 


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