Instagram Diary

I have had a rather wonderful week what with the Easter Bank Holiday and one of my best friend Harry's birthday, so I thought I would do a little Instagram Diary to sum it off for you all. 

1) I took a trip to the new magazine shop in Nottingham- Ideas On Paper to interview the owner (Coming soon). I also ended up buying a copy of Dansk Magazine as I have never had it before, so I decided to give it a go. (Review to come) 

2) On Monday, we had a perfume workshop at Uni. It was great to put our ideas that we have been working on into a physical product. I think this will help us with the rest of the development of our brand/ product. 

3) I am in love with the Australian juice company "Boost" which has made it's way to the UK. I had the "All Berry Bang" it totally cured my hang-over! It is made up of strawberries, raspberries, backcurrants, apple juice, no fat milk, TD4 strawberry yoghurt and ice. I highly recomend it and if your a student, you get a discount! 

4) As I previously mentioned, It was Harry's Birthday, so I decided to take a cute "birthday selfie". His family came over and we went for dinner, dirnks, ice creams, went for a kick about in the park 
 and spent some quality time together! 

5) While shopping in Aldi, I came across this Swedish fruit cider- ALSKA. I was hoping that it would have a similar taste to Rekorderlig Cider, however it was more similar to Kopperburg. I did quite enjoy it and at £1.90 it was quite reasonable. 

6) HAPPY EASTER. Mini eggs are amazing I love their taste, texture and beautiful pastel colours. I made some Cornflake Nest Cakes and used them for deccoration- perfect for Easter. 


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