REVIEW: Spanky Van Dyke's 2-4-1 Tuesdays

So last Tuesday, I had a bit of a disaster in the kitchen- we won't speak about it! 
It was too late to prepare and cook something else and so Harry (my partner in crime) and I decided to try out the infamous 2-4-1 Tuesday on burgers at Ruby Jean's Diner in The brilliantly named Spanky Van Dykes Nottingham.

Upon arrival the atmosphere was buzzing, the place was packed, so I was slightly concerned about finding a table, however there was no need to worry as, in addition to the whole ground floor, there were two upstairs seating areas. We found a table with ease. 

Owned by the Ruby Jean’s Diner chain, the cool American style menu is cooked and prepared to perfection. 

We went to the bar and both Harry and I ordered a classic burger priced at £6.50, but other toppings could be added for £1 each. There is an extensive range including blue cheese, peanut butter and fried egg. We went for onion rings.Drinks at around £3 each and they have a wide range of lagers and ciders available.

It was quite a busy night and so we had to wait about a 20 minutes for our food, it arrived in a basket instead of a plate- great way to get rid of the pot washer!  

The burger itself was excellent, very flavoursome and not at all over cooked.
 The fries were also lovely; well cooked and a range of sauces, regular and spicy, are provided at the table. The onion rings were  the best I have eaten, only a thin layer of batter so not overly greasy. 

The pub itself has a friendly, warming and welcoming atmosphere. The staff were very helpful."Spanky's" is really well decorated both outside and inside. The avent-garde   aesthetics and the music playing create a really cool indie vibe. 

The 2-4-1 deal, made this a really reasonable evening for us students, or anyone else who wants a well cooked burger in a great venue.

Rating: **** 


  1. After being reccomended by a friend to read this, you might want to stick to your average clothing blogs. Also, and this is just a personal opinion, use a dictionary :)

  2. Hi, I am so glad your friend recommended my blog to you. Thank you for your opinion and feedback, I would love a link to your blog for inspiration on how to improve further!

  3. I have to disagree I think it adds something a little extra to have a restaurant review thrown into a fashion blog making it more of a fashion and lifestyle blog. I think it's a bit rude to be so judgemental! If you don't like it no one's forcing you to read it or to comment. I think I'd like to have a look at your perfect blog as well. Its meant to be a bit of fun, it's a bit sad to care that much.

  4. You might want to keep your spiteful & meaningless opinions to yourself Kallian. Katie's blog is amazing and I think to refer to her normal blog as 'average' is not only incorrect but malicious. Also, and this is just a personal opinion, grow up, being bitchy became unfashionable in 2007.